Monday, September 26, 2016

Selvage Challenge 2016

This summer I entered a few projects into the #selvagechallenge2016 contest on Instagram run by @selvagechallenge. The contest is now closed, but you can go back and see all the great projects made using the selvages from fabric.

I have been collecting hoarding my selvages for a while, so I knew this would be a great opportunity to use most of them up. I knew what project I wanted to make immediately too. This past year I've started to knit and crochet more. After making my crochet hook roll, I knew I needed a roll to store all my double pointed knitting needles in but I had been very lazy about making one. Thus, I planned to use up my selvages on a knitting needle roll.

The giant roll before being cut into two smaller rolls
In the end, I actually made two rolls. Initially, it was going to be one large roll, but then it was very fat and heavy with all my bamboo needles. Thus I cut it into two before finishing it out. Now I have a roll for my entire bamboo needle set (this is the set I have, it's a steal on Amazon, but I have broken the points of some of the smaller ones) and a second smaller roll for my metal sock needles.

I loved that I could make something for my knitting that would allow me to show off the scraps of old sewing projects. Now when I knit, I can see some of the fabrics I love too!

The second big project I did was a tote bag. In September, we took a vacation to Chattanooga and I had the opportunity to try out an Accuquilt cutter (it is amazing by the way!). There is a local quilt shop there called Spool and they let you rent time on their cutter. I had been dying to try this thing out for a while, so I brought a whole big box of fat quarters with me! I ended up cutting 46 fat quarters and 4.5 yards of Moda Bella Solids in less than 2 hours (my husband did help me out though). I ended up with enough fabric cut for a Drunkard's Path quilt, Robbing Peter to Pay Paul quilt, and some clamshells. Keep an eye out for those quilts in the future!

The result of all this was a lot of scraps! I trimmed off all the selvages from these upon getting home and knew I had enough to make a bag! I have been eyeing the Market Bag by Noodlehead for a while now and decided to make that (pattern is in her book called Handmade Style). I did modify the pattern a little by doing quilt as you go for the selvages and binding my inside rather than doing a drop-in liner. I also added a zipper closure and key hook since these are features I always want on my bags. I love how colorful it turned out!

Now I’m debating if this bag should be my crafting bag to take with me to the Greater Birmingham Fiber Guild or if it will be a diaper bag for when Baby arrives! So far, I have just loved using as it as a very large purse. 

Fabrics used are almost all Anna Maria Horner fabrics from her All the Colors Fat Quarter bundle (I can't seem to find it now, but I bought it directly from her store, Craft South). The inside main fabric is Enchanted in Sleepy from the Fibs and Fables collection by Anna Maria Horner. The zipper fabric is Helios in Ice from the same collection (it is backed by Moda Bella Solid in etchings slate). The small zipper pocket is Minutes in Sword, again from the same collection. The inside and outside binding is simply a plain black fabric. I also used the Moda Bella Solid to wrap the handles with and to trim the top and bottom of each side of the bag. Since I had used 4.5 yards of this on the Accuquilt, I had a lot of grey left!

The final project I made was done using the side scraps of selvages from the Market Bag. When I made my Market Bag panels, I did not trim down the excess until the end. This resulted in scraps of varying sizes. After looking through them all, I realized I had enough to make another small rainbow. The Rainbow Clutch pattern was the reason I first looked at the Handmade Style book, so I knew this was what I wanted to make.

I did modify the front panel from the pattern to accommodate the selvages. The result is a beautiful rainbow! The fabrics on this clutch are Anna Maria Horner prints and I used grey canvas for the rest of the outside. The inside print is the same as the lining of the Market Bag, Enchanted in Sleepy from the Fibs and Fables collection.

The clutch is a great size for going out with. I can even fit my phone in its giant otter box in the front rainbow pocket and it won't fall out! I am still debating what type of strap I want to make for it, but I knew I would want one, so I made sure to sew in the d-ring (not done in pattern).

Double Point Needle Holders: 8/26/2016 - /8/27/2016
Market Bag: 9/18/2016 - 9/21/2016
Rainbow Clutch: 9/22/2016 - 9/23/2016

Some extra shots of the projects!