Sunday, November 22, 2015

USA Quilt Finished

I finished my USA Map Quilt last week. I had to delay taking pictures though because of rain. My house doesn't have the best lighting so I always try to get pictures outside.

Sunset helped capture the quilting!

Anyway, I love how this quilt turned out! I free motioned quilted the whole thing on my small Brother CS6000i machine. I did a straight stitch around each state and then I did a zig zag stitch between each state to ensure the edges stay down.

Prior to quilting the oceans and shown with indoor lighting.

It then took me a while to decide how to finish out the rest, but I decided on quilting in Central America and Canada the best I could. I have not washed the quilt yet, so you can still see a little bit of the pink water soluble pencil I used to sketch the outlines in. I am debating doing the country outlines in a dark blue to make them pop more, but I'm waiting to hang the quilt before I do anything else.

For the oceans I just did a free motion pattern to try to make it look like water and differentiate it from the land.

Ready for binding!

The batting I used is Warm and Plush crib sized batting (made by Warm and Natural). This batting lack scrim so you have make sure to heavily quilt it in. I like how it has a higher loft than the normal Warm and Natural and how it is 100% without anything added to it. I tend to get my batting at JoAnn Fabrics when their batting is 50% off. If I can time it right, they sometimes have batting 50% off and offer an additional 10-20% off with coupon! I haven't seen the Warm and Plush at any other stores and the package says it's a limited time buy which is unfortunate since I really like this batting.

For binding, I used the same fabric that I did the state of Georgia in. The fabric is Gardenvale by Jen Kingwell for Moda in Black Swan Spots. I love how it framed the quilt and further accented Georgia!

Love that backing!

The backing I chose was Tula Pink's Lotus in Tomato. I chose this simply because I love this fabric. I intend to hang my USA quilt in the living room, so the backing really wouldn't be visible. Hence I just went with a fabric I just love!

In my last post about this quilt, In the Making had not published their pattern. Well, it is now available here!

Some extra shots of the quilt!

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