Friday, July 29, 2016

Unicorn Satchel

I recently found this amazing, and out of print, fabric by Tina Givens. It is from her collection Pernilla's Journey and called Unicorn Land. I am totally in love with it and wanted to use it in a bag (don't worry, I have extra to make a quilt with at some point!).

Using that as my base fabric, I then matched fabrics from my stash to get a nice array of purple colors. From top to bottom, the other fabrics are:
  • Tina Givens'  in the Feather Flock collection
  • Tula Pink's in the Chipper collection
  • Tina Givens' in the Feather Flock collection
  • Artisian Spirit's Shimmer 
  • Tina Givens' Unicorn Land in Pernilla's Journey collection
  • Organic black canvas (used for base, top binding and as the main fabric on the handles)
I also used plum fabric with gold dots as an accent fabric on the handles.

For the inside I used:
  • Artisian Spirit's Shimmer for the top gusset 
  • Tula Pink's in the Chipper collection for the zipper sides
  • Heather Ross's Unicorns in cream from Far Far Away 2 reprint for the main lining
  • Heather Ross's Unicorns in purple from Far Far Away 2 reprint for the slip pocket
  • A Tina Given's fabric to line the all the pockets
For this purse, there was no pattern. The finished size was dictated by my fabric choices, namely the Tina Givens' unicorns since I wanted them to line up perfectly. Thus their size determined the width and the number of fabrics used determined the height. I wanted it a little smaller, but since I could pick a fabric to remove, it ended up a little taller than originally envisioned. 

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