Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lined Drawstring Bags

I thought I would do a quick post showing some of the lined drawstring bags I have made. These are a great little project that can serve so many uses!

Two of my drawstring bags. One I use to carry my knitting as you can see!
The pattern came from the book School of Sewing by Shea Henderson. This is the same book I used to make the unicorn pillowcase. It is an excellent resource for someone who is just starting to sew.

My first few drawstring bags were made from fabrics left over from my Halloween Quilt. The newer drawstring bags have been made using Tula Pink fabrics.

The three drawstring bags that I kept. Pictured in the car on a road trip!
I definitely prefer the look of the Tula Pink bags, but that may be because it is no longer October! I do not have pictures of all the bags I have made, since some have been given away as gifts and I forgot to photograph them!

Two of the drawstring bags visiting a community farm in Savannah, GA.

The cut fabric for one bag waiting to be sewed

Being sewed on my machine

My two Tula Pink drawstring bags immediately upon completion

A drawstring bag hanging out in my Cargo Duffel

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