Saturday, January 23, 2016

Airport Sling from On the Go Bags

Early in December, I followed along on a blog hop about a new book called On the Go Bags. As luck would have it, I ended up winning my own copy of the book, thanks to Radiant Home Studio.

It arrived on Thursday and I couldn't wait to look inside! After looking through the projects online, I had my eye on the airport sling. Sure enough, when the book came, that's what I had to make first! I love the zippered exterior pocket and had no clue how to do this without some guidance!

Since Friday was a snow day, I decided that would be a great time to start. Please note that while we did get snow here, nothing stuck on the ground to my great disappointment!

For the outer fabrics, I chose:

Inside I used:

All fabrics, except the horses (Tula Pink's Pony Play, used on the exterior pockets) are currently in print or easily available (Tula Pink's Tent Stripe in Plum is in a past collection), so you can almost make an identical bag if you want! With a silvery white and black being the main base of the bag you could really use any print you love for the pockets!

All fabrics cut and ready to go!
With my fabrics picked, I was off to cutting! The book has great instructions to speed cut the up the cutting process, but since I had directional fabrics and I wanted to fussy cut, I took my time. I especially wanted those ponies to be cut carefully so that the pocket flap on the front would line up perfectly with the pocket.

I then added interfacing to more than what was suggested in the pattern since I was using quilting weight fabrics for a lot of the bag. Interfacing is not my favorite, but I have yet to find an effective way around it for projects like this!

I love the pony fabric and I am so happy I took the time to carefully cut it
Other than that, I pretty much followed the pattern exactly but added an interior zip pocket, change the strap style, and made my strap non-adjustable (I rarely adjust my bag straps, and I lacked the needed hardware at home). My liner ended up being a good 1 to 2 inches shorter than the outer bag for some reason, so I added a second line of color between the facing and the main fabric (listed above as the accent color). I may have cut or sewn something wrong, but that was easy enough to fix!

By far the hardest part was attaching this zipper pocket
I must say that the zippered exterior pouch is hard to do. This part is not for beginners, and it would be easy to leave this off if you can't initially make it work. This is what attracted me to the pattern though, so I had to make it, even if I had to rip out my seams a few times!

This pocket fits credit cards and a passport in it!
Sorry I don't have any good interior shots. The inside is not anything special. The bag closes with a magnetic purse closure. It's the first one I've ever done, but it came with good instructions. It was amazingly simple to install too!

For those interested, you can see the entire blog hop  about the book, On the Go Bags, is below. The blog hop was December 1st to 13th, 2015, so sadly all the contests are now closed, but you can still see some great images of the projects from the book:

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