Tuesday, May 24, 2016

1600 Inch Quilt Top / Jelly Roll Race Quilt Top

I have seen pictures of people's 1600 inch quilt tops before, so I decided I wanted to give this try. The 1600 inch quilt, or jelly roll race quilt, is a simple quilt top made from a single jelly roll (set of 40, 2.5" strips of fabric that are WOF long). There are many directions on how to make this online. Mine was done using the 45 degree join with removing 18 inches off of the first strip to offset the seams. You then sew both ends together and cut at the end a total of 5 times. I must say, that first strip you start with (it ends up being approximately 1600 inches long) is very unruly and tangled. I had my husband help me untangle it before I got started!

For my jelly roll, I used one containing Tula Pink's Spring 2016 line, called Chipper. Just looking around online, you can really see how different fabrics will give a completely different result!

This is a great beginner quilt top that produces a good size quilt. My quilt top finished out at 49.5 inches by 67 inches.

Made May 1-2, 2016.

The entire 1600 jelly roll quilt top!

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