Thursday, June 2, 2016

Quilted Pouches

After making my new quilted purse, I needed some pouches to organize in it. The quilted purse only had slip pockets made for it, but I prefer to secure some items in a zippered pocket to ensure they don't accidentally fall out.

The pouch above was made using the quilt-as-you-go method. I really struggled with this and my free motion quilting definitely needs work. I do love how colorful it turned out though.

This is fairly large pouch that I store various papers in (eg coupons, lists, blank paper, etc). It can easily be removed if I know I do not need this extra weight in my purse on an outing. 

The fabrics used are an assortment of scraps I had in my scrap pile. Fabrics include, but are not limited to, Tula Pink, Tina Givens, and Anna Maria Horner.

The feather pouch above was made to snap into an existing slip pocket in the purse. The pocket can be snapped closed without this pouch, or have this pouch sandwiched between the snaps (hence the snaps showing on this pouch). Because this pouch gets snapped in, even when the bag is held upside down, this pouch will stay in the bag. 

I have never done this before in a bag, but I really like the result I got. I plan on using the idea of snap in pouches in future bags. This pouch itself is not perfect, but it gets the job done and the colors compliment the bag well.

The main fabric and the lining fabric are by Tina Givens in her Feather Flocks collection.

The pouch above was done to store tatting and crochet work in my purse so I can take it along with me in a small pouch. I based my dimensions of the bag on how the fabrics would look good cut. Each panel started out as 3" wide by 6" tall piece of fabric. The quilting on this pouch was done up and down but I experimented with my stitch styles. I really like how the fancy stitches turned out on this pouch. 

Fabrics are mainly Tina Givens with a little Anna Maria Horner (the Pegasus print).

I think the collection of pouches turned out really nicely and they were all very quick and easy to make. I especially like the idea of using the more decorative stitches as part of the quilting, so I am sure I will do this again!

Pouches made Spring 2016

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