Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Triangle Quilt - Part 3 finished quilt top

Note this post the third in a series on my triangle quilt project. Click to view Part 1 or Part 2.

I have finished the quilt top of the triangle quilt! I have never done triangles prior to this quilt, so this was truly a learning experience. I must say by the time I was halfway through piecing the rows, my triangle assembly was notably better with few errors. Sadly, this meant my errors in the early rows were now very obvious to me, and I ended up separating and redoing a lot of my early piecing.

I am just so happy to finally have the top pieced! It is now waiting to be assembled, but all my safety pins are currently tied up in other projects. This is probably a good thing since I have two quilts half quilted at home, and I really need to finish those before I start a third. They are just taking a little longer than I thought since I am trying to do free motion quilting on them. Keep a look out for a post on those in future!

I think when this is assembled, I will go with a nice simple straight line quilting method. This is the largest quilt top I have made to date, and I do not think my little sewing machine could do anything besides a straight stitch on a quilt this size.

I have some beautiful Tula Pink Free Fall wide backing in Lipstick for the backing of this quilt. A Tula Pink triangle quilt definitely needs Tula Pink backing!

Some production pictures are below. I hope you enjoy!

Triangles ready to be pressed
Pressing! I usually press to one side, but you could also press your seams open
Piecing at my machine
Checking my row layout

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