Friday, June 10, 2016

Tula Pink Flower Market Quilt

My local quilt shop, In the Making, offers a kit to make Tula Pink's Flower Market Quilt from her Eden collection. The pattern is a free one and is in the lookbook for Eden (it can be downloaded here). I naturally went with the amethyst (purple) colorway, but the quilt can be done in tourmaline (pink/orange) or sapphire (blue/green) too.

While there is a fair amount of cutting for this quilt, I think the finished result was totally worth it! I also used a little more fabric than the pattern called for since I fussy cut many of pieces. Another lady didn't fussy cut and had plenty of fabric.

In the Making still had more kits available in the three colorways if you want to make your own! My quilt top is currently still at the store if you want to see it in person. There is also a quilt top in tourmaline colorway to look at.

I have Tula Pink's freefall wide backing in purple to finish with, but I know that won't be for a little while!

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