Friday, October 9, 2015

Halloween Quilt

My Halloween Quilt came about because I wanted to try a harder quilt, but I didn't want to invest too much time or money experimenting.

I had some Halloween themed fabric in the house. I had prior made a very simple blanket but never liked or used it (it also lacked batting), so I took this apart to get the candy corn and multicolored fabrics. The other Halloween prints were purchased at deep discount at my local Hancock fabrics over the summer of 2015. I then added a black and yellow/orange I had to complete the color collection. I didn’t want to spend too much money on this quilt since it was my first time using a rotary cutter on my own. I knew there would be some mistakes and I would hate to ruin some of my nicer fabrics. I also did not follow a set pattern, rather I just made one on graph paper and adding ¼ inch seam allowance to pieces. The block structures are basic courthouse steps style.

I did my own quilting using straight lines around each square. Had it been a larger quilt, I really would have struggled turning the quilt around in my small home sewing machine.

I love the backing of this quilt. It is Halloween Dogs in Costume from Hancock fabrics. I’m a dog person, so the dogs in costume was right up my alley! The binding is a Halloween Spooky Prints Fabric-Black Cats from JoAnn Fabrics.

This quilt has now become my cat's favorite. I guess its fitting since she's an all black kitty.

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