Friday, October 9, 2015

Triangle Quilt - Part 1 Cutting

Since my last quilts, I have wanted to branch out a little and do something more than just a charm pack quilt. I also really didn't want to do another log cabin, so I went in search of ideas!

I started by first looking at the fabric I have on hand. I have a tendency to gravitate to the same types of fabrics (heavy prints) in similar colors (mainly purple). When trying to make a quilt out of this though, the fabrics tend to all be too busy and do not blend well. When I wander through the quilt shop, I will end up picking fabrics like this every time. Thus I struggle a little with matching colors from different lines. I'm sure this will get better with time and practice but for now, the easiest way to combat this is to just pick a fabric line and use what the fabric designer has already match together!

My quilt shop recently received Tula Pink's Eden line. I especially love the lotus print of this line and knew I wanted to do something with it. Since I'm new to quilting, I simply did a google search to see what others had created using Eden. When I saw Jaybird Quilts' Stereo Quilt in Eden I was sold! Not wanting to make things too complicated for myself, I decided to not make the Stereo Quilt, but rather just do a simple triangle quilt. The triangle rulers sold seem easy enough to use and  I love how six triangles together can look like a hexagon.

Thus, I set about making my own triangle pattern with Tula Pink's Eden line in mind (a pink, purple, and green colorway). Since, all my prior quilts have been relatively small, I wanted to do a larger quilt. Since my husband is quite tall, I wanted to keep his height in mind and knew I needed to go a little larger than would be necessary for just myself.

My plan, using 5 inch tall triangles 
While I am working towards this pattern right now, I recognize that my mind may change when I finally lay out all the triangles. Based on the pattern though, I will need the following:
  • 128 pink tone triangles 
  • 128 purple tone triangles
  • 124 green tone triangles
  • 56 other tone triangles (I'm planning on blue/yellow)
Hence I set about cutting all these triangles. I used all of Tula Pink's Eden line along with fabrics from her new True Colors line and her out of print lines of Elizabeth, Fox Field, and Acacia. I was able to cut 11 triangles per 5.5 inch row of fabric. 

Cutting the fabric to size. Fabric shown is Acacia Butterfly Wings in Blueberry.
Cutting the triangles to size

I currently have 132 pink, purple, and green triangles cut and 44 blue/yellow ones. I am waiting to cut anything else until I can lay out the whole quilt and see what colors I want to add.

Cut triangles sorted by colorway
Check back next week when I lay out the whole quilt!

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