Thursday, December 22, 2016

A Ghastlie Cargo Duffle

The Cargo Duffle pattern is a free pattern by Noodlehead and can be downloaded here.

I came across The Ghastlies collection by Alexander Henry Fabrics and fell in love. I saw the Sebastian cat print and had to have it! My kitty cat is black and often gives me the exact same looks that Sebastian has. This fabric is perfect representation of her!

This is Sebastian Ghastlie in Taupe
I wanted a project to show off Sebastian, so I decided to make another Cargo Duffle (you can see my first one here). Last time I didn't line the bag with canvas but rather quilting cotton. Over time, my bag lost shape, so this time I wanted canvas. I also wanted to add a couple interior pockets to help organize my bag.

These interior pockets were done by making two extra panels that were the same size as the front and back of the bag, except they were cut to be 9 inches tall. The panels are canvas on side and quilting cotton (Sebastian again) on the other with batting in between.

For the front pocket, I used the dividing line of the cargo pockets to divide the pocket. I just extended it all the way down being careful to match my thread on the front of the bag. For the second pocket, I added a little tab flap to keep it closed since it was a very long pocket. I then basted the exterior edges  of the pocket and the main panel together prior to bag assembly. The rest of the assembly was done per the instructions. A little warning, use a denim needle for the basting and assembly since you are now going through three layers of quilted canvas instead of just two!

Given the Ghastlie theme, I did try to not make the bag too Halloweenie. I want to be able to use it year round, without it screaming Halloween! I do see myself making a Ghastlie Halloween quilt though since this fabric is amazing. I need more Sebastian Ghastlie in my life!

I want to note that my Cargo Duffle varies slightly in size from the pattern. I cut my pieces large to allow for quilting (and to minimize fabric waste) and only trimmed down what was needed. The bag is fairly representative of the pattern though.

I do fussy cut my cargo pockets so that the pattern is centered and matches. This will require extra fabric.

The fabric for the cargo pockets. I like a pattern that repeats so I can fussy cut nicely.

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