Saturday, December 3, 2016

Necessity Sewing

While most sewing projects of mine are done more for pleasure and aesthetics, there are a few things I will sew more out of necessity. These are mainly specialty items that can be very expensive. In preparation of baby's arrival, I made myself some post postpartum pads, regular pads, and breast pads. While I have some disposable items of these, I would much rather use reusable cotton items. It you look into the pricing of these items, they are actually a lot cheaper to make, unlike most handmade items. Thus, during October and November, this was my "un-fun" sewing task.

The cloth pads are made using the Luna Wolf cloth pad pattern (as of this writing, the pattern is free and can be found here). For the beast pads, I just used various containers and lids around the house to get some circles of different sizes. Since I don't know what will work best for me, I also did some various thickness of cores on these projects. All were done using 100% cotton flannel. Thread was cotton to join the pad core and polyester for the rest of the stitching to minimize wicking when not desired.

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