Thursday, December 17, 2015

3 Zip Pouch

My third pouch
I wanted to experiment with some shapes for pouches. I started out on my own and had some good and some not so good attempts. Out of frustration I just wanted something that would work, so I looked around on Google for zippered pouch tutorials. A Quilter's Table triple zip pouch tutorial caught my eye. This tutorial tells you everything you need you need to know to make a 3 zip pouch except how to finish it. While there are written instructions, there are no pictures and I found them hard to follow. Apparently I wasn't the only with this problem, so Marci Girl Designs came up with an alternative ending. With the alternative ending, I was able to complete my pouches without any problems!

I made my first two pouches in the exact size listed in the original tutorial. For my third one, I experimented by increasing dimensions to get a larger pouch. I also left out the interfacing in the last one and used thick cotton to help give some shape. It does not give as much shape as the interfacing, but in my opinion, gives enough form. Interfacing and other synthetics are not my favorite to use, so I try to avoid them when at all possible.

My first pouch, given as a Christmas gift
My first pouch was created to match the black canvas lined tote I made. This pouch is a Christmas gift for the same recipient as the bag. I thought they would enjoy having a matching pouch made from the same canvas fabric.

My second and third pouches. 
The second and third pouches were made from Tula Pink's Elizabeth line (the third one has some Eden as a liner). The main outer fabric of them is called Ship Shape. I absolutely love the detail in this fabric from the stars, to the pelicans, to the ships!

The second pouch