Thursday, December 10, 2015

Unicorn Pillowcase

Note: This pillowcase was actually made Summer 2015, I just totally forgot to post about it! All the photos of the pillowcase were taken in December 2015, after many washes.

This past summer, In the Making had a class on making a pillowcase. While a pillowcase may seem simple, they used a wonderful pattern found in the book School of Sewing. Using this method, there were absolutely no exposed edges anywhere in the pillow. This gave a beautiful look and I know my fabric will not unravel, despite being washed a fair bit.

The inside seams are beautifully hidden so no raw edges are exposed
For my main fabric, I used the unicorns in white and purple from Heather Ross' Far Far Away reprint. This is probably my all time favorite fabric! Sadly, it is now very difficult to find. For the flare, I used an orange and white print that I don't know the name of, it just happened to match well.

The pattern in the book is for a standard pillowcase. We have a king bed and king sized pillows at home, so I just elongated the main part of the pillowcase to fit my pillow. It actually turned out a little too long, but it was easy to take in the one edge.

The orange flare added that extra touch to what could have been a basic pillowcase

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