Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Heather Ross Everything Tote

Three totes hanging out
This is the delayed post I mentioned before. The blue/green bag is now in Norway, so I can safely post pictures!

This bag pattern is from Heather Ross' book Weekend Sewing. It is the project called Everything Tote. While the instructions underestimate the fabric needed, this wasn't a problem at all for me since I tend to by more than required since I like to orient patterns to match the direction of the print. Just know going into this bag, you will need more of the lining and outer fabric assuming standard 44/45" width of fabric.

I am a huge fan of Heather Ross fabrics and have a good horde of the unicorn fabric she made. I only want to make special things with my beloved unicorns, so this bag seemed perfect. The first bag I made was out of organic cotton duck canvas in plum with Heather Ross' Far Far Away Unicorns on white. The second bag was made from grey brushed canvas with the unicorns in purple (the color of the fabric differs a bit from what the website shows). The third bag was made, as a gift, in organic cotton duck canvas in navy with the unicorns in green. See a pattern here?

All the bags are basically the same, except I added a key hook in the blue/green one.
I love Heather Ross' whimsical style and I am eagerly awaiting Heather Ross' Mendocino reprint this spring!

I also made a fourth bag with the organic cotton duck in plum lined with a cat print called Garden Buzz from Hancock Fabrics as a gift for a cat lover who gardens. Alas, I gave it away without taking pictures!

These bags were made Summer-Fall 2015. The navy bag with the green unicorns was sent as a Christmas gift, so this post was delayed until she received her bag. The unicorns are now in Norway, having wonderful adventures!

I have kept the purple/white and grey/purple bags for myself. They are now my go to traveling and shopping totes. They compact down easily, yet can carry a lot of volume and weight!

The bag that was given as a Christmas gift. I added a little four leaf clover since the recipient likes them. It also has a key hook that the others lack.
As always, I had some kitty help. There are actually two different cats pictured, they just look very similar.

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