Monday, February 8, 2016


Made from the scraps from my Triangle Quilt
When cutting the fabric for projects, I end up with a fair amount of scraps. I have just been tossing them in my Sephora boxes, but recently, they've begun to overflow. Hence, I am trying to make a quilting block from my scraps as I go. The hopeful result is that eventually I will have amassed enough scraps to piece them together to make a quilt.

It started with me making two very simple blocks from the scraps of the Tula Pink drawstring bags I made (I ended up with 8 squares from each bag, so they really begged to be pieced with some other scraps I had in the leftover box). This was so simple and fast to do at the end of the project that I didn't think much of it.

I then began looking at the scraps from my triangle quilt (see my triangle quilt posts here: Part 1 , Part 2 , and Part 3). While cutting the equilateral triangles out, I would end up with roughly half of an equilateral triangle left at end of the row. Since I had so many similar triangles left, I figure I should do something with them. Thus I played with them one night while watching TV. A while later, I was in the mood to make some blocks, so off I went assembling 6 hexagons from them. While the hexagons do take a while to make, the fact that they were already cut and arranged made them super easy to build. I love the result that they gave!

One of the hexagons created from the scraps of my triangle quilt. This hexagon is all fabric from Tula Pink's Eden line.
I am waiting to make them into square block until I know what quilt they will go into (and thus what color to use).

I am hoping in 2016 and on, I will make more use of my scraps as I go!

My six hexagons from the scraps of my triangle quilt. I love the tiger eyes that look out!

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